At Alilia I can also make items to order, following the style of the pieces I have created for sale in my workshop.


I try to adapt as much as I can to the needs of the client, provided the materials I need to weave the pieces are on hand and the right looms are free. In the event that I no longer have the same materials in stock, I can suggest alternatives that are as similar to them as possible. If material must be specially ordered, the client will cover the cost. Materials furnished by the client are not accepted.


To make a custom order the client must pay 30% of the total amount in advance, either in cash or by bank transfer. All fees related to the bank transfer must also be paid by the client. If the custom-ordered item needs to be shipped, the cost of the shipping is separate and must be paid by the client. It is never included in the price quoted for the item.


Imperfections form part of artisan production processes and are inherent to handmade items. Therefore, if any imperfections are found in the piece created, they should not be considered defects.