«It always seems impossible until it’s done». Nelson Mandela

And it is with this wonderful, descriptive quote by Nelson Mandela, which basically means “this project of mine to create a website seemed impossible until, finally, we did it”, that I welcome you all to my blog.

So, please come in and make yourselves at home. Sit down wherever you like; there are armchairs, easy chairs, cushions and plenty of floor space (just in case you, like me, prefer it to conventional chairs). Yes, sit down and get comfortable, because I am eager to convey to you my great satisfaction at having become a part of the ocean of websites with my own website, Alilia Telar Artesano, now happily finished, and, especially, the pleasure of finally being able to share it with all of you.

Because the title of this inaugural post is no coincidence. Getting here has been quite a challenge, the path long and hard. It is just one of the many paths that have opened up before me as I move forward with my company. I won’t talk about the other paths now because those are all different stories.

Alicia Valle, creadora textil

Coming back to our story, the Alilia Telar Artesano website is a dream-come-true. It has been a long, tough journey, but along the way dips and slides appeared often, making it look, suddenly, like things were all going well, like everything was falling into place, like the site would be finished within a couple of weeks, like the birth was imminent, probably the next day, and then, bang! All of a sudden an unexpected curve would appear, a very tight one, and steeper than the some of the ones in Siete Revueltas (a series of hairpin turns in the roads through the mountains near Madrid), a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. And after struggling past the unexpected curve, with its funny horseshoe shape that makes these roads so famous, we would find ourselves again, a 180º turn later, almost in the same place we had started, practically back at square one, with the strange sensation that we had advanced not even an inch.

That is how exciting and, yes, why not admit it, at times discouraging this journey has been. Many months of work with the designer, gathering the necessary material, many people involved in the project: loved ones, friends, relatives, siblings and acquaintances…. All doing something: as photographers, models or designers, as consultants, inspirers, coaches, editors, cheerleaders, advisors, fan club members or Kleenex offerers; at working breakfasts, with an aperitif before Sunday lunch, over a few beers in the afternoon, and many long conversations of all types on the phone and by whatsapp. Here there has been a bit of everything!

And since all of you have helped so much in making this project possible:

T H A N K Y O U! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being there!

Also, I never would have made it without the insistence of those of you who are so determined to learn about my work and my handmade creations; without the tenacity of my clients. So many, many times you have asked me where to see my creations, how to find my workshop and see the looms, how to buy the pieces, what sizes are available, what materials I used, are there any new items…”Is there going to be a spring collection?” In short, all those logical questions that you asked and that I wanted to answer in a more professional way have motivated me to keep working on this project of preparing the website. So, a big thank you also to those of you who have been catalysts!

The result of all this is now here. You are looking at it.

The Alilia website is online and soon the shop will be, too.

Thus, as the saying – so often heard in Spain – goes, ‘I hereby inaugurate this website’ and through this blog, which hopes to avoid the urgency and immediacy of other social media and whose format is more akin to a diary, with that touch of intimacy that diaries convey, I trust I will be able to share with you all, once a month, some of my interests and knowledge, my projects, news worth sharing, curiosities about this wonderful world of fabrics, artisanry in Spain, traditional looms, weaving, textile design and creation, the raw materials I use, and, especially, the joy of unhurried, artisan creation… You are invited to visit whenever you want and I hope that you want to back over and over again.

I promise that for my next blog post there will be – in addition to comfortable seating – tea and scones.

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