Care guide

Bufandas tejidas en telar artesano. Alilia Telar Artesano

All the textile items and designs created at Alilia will be delivered unwashed.


Since they are made with natural materials I also recommend caring for them in the most natural way possible.


As a textile creator and artisan, I believe that newly woven pieces should be subjected to as little stress as possible. They should be allowed to express themselves in their original language and given free rein over their original volume, colour and texture. I believe that washing a piece just taken off the loom is an unnecessary aggression to the materials with which it has been created and woven, so I recommend washing it only after use.


With a bit of care and attention, Alilia garments will accompany you for a lifetime.


That is why I recommend they be washed as little as possible. We can achieve this by not allowing direct contact with perfumes, make-up, skincare products or grease. Also, when the materials come into contact with water their characteristics in terms of size, texture and colour may change. This is nothing serious, of course, because I think all pieces are alive in one way or another and I am sure that, should the item acquire a new form of expression, it will be just as beautiful.


One way to ensure that the washed piece will be just as it was prior to washing is to have it dry-cleaned. But if we want to avoid the expense of dry-cleaning, we can also wash it at home in a small washing tub, with cold water and a little neutral soap. Do not use fabric softener.


Excess water should be removed from the piece by squeezing it carefully and gently, without twisting. We will dry it horizontally by laying it out on a towel on a flat surface, at room temperature. The ironing board might be perfect for this task! Another good option is an indoor clothes-drying rack that is flat on top, laying a thick towel across it as a base. This prevents the piece from being deformed by the weight of the water, which occurs when an item is hung vertically to dry. It also helps the item to stay soft and shiny and not wrinkle as much.


Do not put it in the washing machine or dryer. And do not expose it to direct heat sources or to the sun.


If for some reason you must iron it use a warm iron and put a cloth between the iron and the fabric, to avoid damaging it and giving it shiny spots that do not belong there.


To store the pieces, I recommend folding them instead of hanging them. This way they will not be misshapen or have marks left on them by the hangers. If you have a cotton bag in which to store them from one season to the next, the items will be better protected.


When you handle them, it is a good idea to remove your rings and bracelets to ensure that the fabric is not snagged.


Everything suggested here is very simple to do. In addition, washing our things less often is part of a more sustainable lifestyle and can be another way to show our love for the environment.

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